Progress in Process

I have conquered the East.

That is to say, I have successfully mastered the art of the Squat toilet. With this new skill comes new freedom, freedom to wear whatever pants I like without having to rely on the comparative ease of squatting in skirts, freedom to use any public restroom without fear, instead of holding it for hours and risking kidney stones and UTIs. (Is that how you get those?)

Skipped leg day? No problem, just take a few extra trips to the bathroom to work those thighs and glutes. Squatties for the hotties, as we (or maybe just I) say in China.

Still, I am not a professional grade A native level squatter yet. As much as I practice and improve, I can never surpass the little kids I see who can stop in the middle of the street, drop trou, whizz on the concrete, and continue with their lives without missing a beat. (In the street, I treat all puddles or traces of moisture with the utmost suspicion.) Still, it is good to have role models who can inspire me.

I still have room to improve in my method, and am open to all advice.

Quick survey question: When the deed is done, how do you wipe? Do you stand up, or stay squatting? If you stay squatting, do you reach from the front or back?

Any feedback is appreciated. Responses are accepted via Wechat.


Anxiously Awaiting Reply While Dangling Over a Squatter


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