Symbiotic Spa Day

Have plenty of dead skin on your feet and don’t know what to do about it?

You could go to a spa and have a professional scrape off the gunk.

Or you could visit a hot spring in the south of China, stick your feet in a small pool, and allow hundred of tiny minnows to feast on your dead flesh.

Feeling fish nibbling at your feet initially falls on a spectrum somewhere between disturbing and ticklish. Then, as time passes, it becomes oddly soothing.

Some people take a risk and submerge their whole bodies in the water.

The more relaxed you are, the more the fish will congregrate. Some people’s feet are no longer visible, they are so covered with fish.

The final result, my feet are smooth, the fish are full, and I have made it through the weirdest pedicure of my life.



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