Guangdong Girl

My flipping days are long over, but I follow the gymnastics world, because once a gym dork, always a gym dork. I’m not much of a nationalist or fan of any particular team in sports (I was frankly more emotionally invested in Team Russia than USA in the gymnastics portion of the last Olympics), so I was not prepared for a rush of pride when I checked the results of the Chinese National Championships. Whaddaya know, in the provincial team competition, my own Guangdong province took first place.

Shenzhen is young, it only reached city status less than 40 years ago. It lacks the history of older, more established cities like Beijing.  There are pagodas and historical villages, but they’re all brand new, built to look old. Native Shenzheners are rare, most people’s hometowns are elsewhere (during national holidays the city is empty as people head back to their hometowns.)

So I’m pleased to be one of the few who can call  Shenzhen her (adopted) hometown.

Jiayou Guangdong, jiayou Shenzhen.


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